Newly arrived in Vara municipality

On this page you will find information about support regarding integration that you as a new arrival in Vara municipality can get.

Our integration coordinators work at the unit for Work, Employment and Integration. The integration coordinators primarily work to make it easier for new arrivals with a residence permit in Sweden to get a good start in Vara municipality and to become a part of Swedish society.

We focus on showing how Swedish society works. We do this, for example, by answering questions about school, healthcare, the Swedish Migration Agency or how you can learn Swedish. When needed service and social support are offered.

We also offer information on immigration and refugees issues.

There are many participants apart from the municipality that work with immigration and integration. If you have questions you are welcome to contact our integration coordinators via our customer service.


Vi svarar på frågor om kommunens service och verksamhet, ring eller skicka e-post till kontaktcenter.

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